Feb 29

Come Relax With Us

COME RELAX WITH US comes to to the backroom of Starline, where all the real trouble goes down…

...super excited for a great DJ selector, the sweetest person and so-so friend Cord aka DJ Clue Man (by way of Los Angeles)

to join us (Kate and Miroslav of Very Much Romance) in what seems to be a very rare, once every 4 years type of event...

we are expecting many riveting moments in the mix, but also outside of the mix as not only feeble deejays but also as friends.

that bring us to the tru meaning of the event COME RELAX WITH US ~~ meet up with old pals, but also embrace all of the new heads u met on the dance floor. lots of fun winking type of tunes.... we’ll take u into the zone.

Deejay Clue Man [Terry Radio | Club Bin], Los Angelis


Very Much Romance [Oakland, but also Ibiza]


PS: miro has given his word as host of this party that if u don’t enjoy it, he will personally come to your bedroom and DJ at you, for hours on end, until you ask him, “please, miro, stop.”