Meet Me @ The Altar w/ Young Culture, Daisy Grenade (MOVED TO CORNERSTONE)

MOVED TO CORNERSTONE BERKELEY –> Social Club PresentsMEET ME @ THE ALTARYOUNG CULTUREDAISY GRENADELive in the Ballroom – MOVED TO CORNERSTONE BERKELEYSunday March 19, 2023 – Doors @ 6:30pm$19.99 adv // $22 dos18+——————

CANCELED – Militarie Gun w/ Anxious, Pile of Love, M.U.T.T.

Starline Social Club PresentsMILITARIE GUNANXIOUSPILE OF LOVEM.U.T.T.Live in the BallroomSaturday December 10, 2022 – Doors @ 7pm$20 adv // $24 dos18+—————- Militarie Gun can’t be stopped. In just two short years since their inception, the Los Angeles-based group have been turning heads with a menacing-yet-melodic sound that’s impossible to ignore and a creative drive that borders on obsession. Now Militarie Gun are teaming with Loma Vista Recordings to release All Roads Lead To The Gun (Deluxe): a collection that combines their dual 2021 EPs, All Roads Lead To The Gun and All Roads Lead To The Gun II, along with four new songs, capturing the essential first chapter of one of the most unique and prolific new bands. Formed in 2020, Militarie Gun is defined by the musical restlessness of vocalist/mastermind Ian Shelton. “I’ve always been the kind of person who’s very compelled to do things,” he explains. “Everything suddenly becomes urgent, and that’s how I feel about songwriting—it’s just something I have to do when the inspiration comes.” The band–whose lineup has expanded to include guitarists Nick Cogan and William Acuña, drummer Vince Nguyen, and bassist Max Epstein–draw on a wide range of influences to make something that sounds combative yet accessible, and undeniably their own. There’s the unhinged guitarwork of Born Against, the propulsive cadences of hip hop, the up-front bass of Fugazi–and most importantly, the hooks. Militarie Gun’s songs are instantly memorable, employing a melodic sensibility that’s just as informed by the work of Robert Pollard and Paul McCartney as it is by Black Flag. All Roads Lead To The Gun (Deluxe) provides the perfect jumping-on point for those not yet initiated into the band’s world, but in Shelton’s hyper-productive fashion, it also offers quite a bit of new material. The four additional tracks further expand Militarie Gun’s sonic toolbox while also hinting at the limitless potential in their singular songwriting. The first of the new songs, “Let Me Be Normal,” is a blast of sheer kinetic energy. “Can’t Get None” and “I Can’t Stand Busy People” highlight the band’s ability to organically utilize completely disparate sounds; the former all pummeling rhythms and uncorked frustration, the latter an acoustic-led, multi-movement opus that barely cracks two minutes. “Pull It Out” combines all of the band’s different modes into one anthemic song with primal lyrics that perfectly capture the lightning in a bottle nature of Shelton’s songwriting approach. “I’m not a perfectionist,” he explains. “I tend to like first drafts, it just fits my personality. Everyone is imperfect, so if a song is too, that just reflects life more.” All Roads Lead To The Gun (Deluxe) marks the culimation of the group’s first two years but the 12 songs make it clear that Militarie Gun’s caustic-yet-catchy sound can’t be easily contained within just hardcore or pop songwriting. This is an ever-evolving band can go in any direction they might want–and Militarie Gun are just getting started.

**CANCELLED** Deaf Club w/ Murder Murder & Hawak

***Due to unforeseen circumstances the Deaf Club show that was supposed to happen today has been cancelled. We apologize for any inconvenience and refunds will be processed shortly.***Starline Social Club PresentsDEAF CLUBMURDER MURDERHAWAKLive in the Crystal CavernSunday October 2, 2022 – Doors @ 7pm$13 adv // $16 dos18+—————–Deaf Club is a savage sound bath dripping with sardonicism: a blastbeat-centric hardcore punk assault channelingcrust, thrash, and grind (un)sensibilities. Succinct pauses, surreal frequencies and effects, breakneck pace andsharply hurled vocals characterize the band’s aesthetic, which seems as though it is rooted in a sort ofnasty-sound-meets-highbrow-message ethos. Fueled by the onslaught of society’s insanity and driven mad bytinnitus, Justin Pearson (The Locust, Dead Cross, Planet B), Brian Amalfitano (ACxDC), Scott Osment (WeakFlesh), Jason Klein (Run With The Hunted), and Tommy Meehan (The Manx, Chum Out!) approach music as anopportunity to confront our collective sicknesses. Last October, the band released their debut EP, ContemporarySickness, as well as a Remix cassette EP of bonus remixes featuring GothBoiClique’s YAWNS, BubblegumOctopus, 304angstroms, and DJ Embryonic Petit Sac. More recently, the band released a cover and video of KillingJoke’s “The Wait” as a benefit, a slew of other music videos including a long form performance of their upcomingLP in its entirety, have worked on collaborations with clothing brand Brain Dead to release ultra limited testpressings of their upcoming album, and have played a handful of shows in Southern California, including under a bridge in DTLA lit by the spotlight of a police helicopter hovering overhead.

Ceremony w/ SPY & Blue Zero

Starline Social Club PresentsCEREMONYSPYBLUE ZEROLive in the BallroomWednesday October 12 2022 – Doors @ 7pm$20 adv // $22 dosAll Ages——————— Ceremony’s lead guitarist Anthony Anzaldo doesn’t want to talk about the fact that his band has been around for over ten years. Or that they’ve drifted away from the hardcore genre that made them, or that they jumped ship from their long-time label, Matador Records, to join Relapse Records instead. Or that their sixth album will mark four years since the iconic punk band has released any new material. These things aren’t ​really​ important. What matters is that ​In the Spirit World Now​ is Ceremony’s most driving, intelligent collection of songs to date. “We knew this had to be the best thing we have ever done,” admits Anzaldo. “We couldn’t come back after four years with a record that only had a few good songs.” Produced by Will Yip (Title Fight, Circa Survive, Turnover) and mixed by engineer Ben Greenberg (The Men, Pharmakon, Hank Wood And The Hammerheads), In the Spirit World Now​​ grows with each listen, balancing Yip’s pop sensibilities with Greenberg’s noise-punk influence through dramatic, shining synthesizer hooks and a mature vocal strategy. Drummer Jake Casarotti and bassist Justin Davis power through the 11-tracks as a strong yet sparse backbone that interlocks with guitarists Andy Nelson and Anzaldo to create a pop-centric, post-punk canvas for frontman Ross Farrar to expel the most vulnerable parts of himself. (And, thankfully, there are many.) Farrar, who has been studying and teaching at the ​Syracuse University MFA Poetry Program​ for the past three years, has found himself as a vocalist on ​Spirit World​​, not only sounding more confident and in the pocket than he ever has before, but exploring amorphous lyrical territory about arrested development, botched relationships, and the never-ending hamster wheel of self-destruction so many creatives fall into. “​I’ve been very interested in will, as in a person’s faculty of consciousness and how we navigate actions and self-control,” Farrar says. “I’ve been worried for a long time that my lack of self-control will inevitably destroy me, so any paranoia on that matter is focused on this record.” Spirit World​ is a carefully composed punk record by a band who is so in tune with one another as players that their physical separation didn’t affect the music when it came time to get together and work. Despite living in opposite ends of the country, they met up, rehearsed the new material, and demoed it out in Anaheim at a friend’s studio. After two weeks, the tracks were loose with Farrar only mumbling melody ideas on top of the band. A few months later, they linked up with producer Will Yip and he flushed out the demos, helping develop the structure as the songs took shape in the studio. To add some grit to their slew of polished post-punk hits, Anzaldo called on Greenberg to help develop melodies and interject synthesizers and keyboards into the songs before he mixed the record. “We really took it song by song on this album,” says Anzaldo. “We pushed ourselves more than any other record. We didn’t have a lot of time together, so the time we did have was precious, and we were hyper-focused on making the best songs possible.”  

Show Me The Body w/ Soul Glo, WiFiGawd, Toner

Starline Social Club Presents:SHOW ME THE BODYSOUL GLOWiFiGawdTONERLive in the BallroomFriday July 29, 2022 – Doors @ 7pm$20 adv // $25 dos18+————— Show Me The Body (SMTB) was formed in New York City in 2009. They released “Yellow Kidney” independently in 2015 followed by the “SMTB” EP released via the Letter Racer Collective that same year. After signing with Loma Vista and releasing their debut album “Body War” in 2016, SMTB began touring the US and Europe. Upon returning home the band began a collaborative mixtape project called “Corpus 1” released in 2017. The mixtape featured a broad range of artists and friends who SMTB felt were comrades and innovators, marking the beginning of a community effort spearheaded by SMTB known as Corpus. In the same year, SMTB released a two song Ep called “Challenge Coin”, recorded at Electric Lady Land not far from where the band originated. Between the fall of 2018 and the beginning of 2019 SMTB produced and recorded three projects. All projects; “Grudge 2” by Dreamcrusher, “Machines Smoke” by Tripp Jones, and “Enemy” by Dog Breath, were released via Corpus. In 2019 SMTB presents their sophomore album, “Dog Whistle,” produced by Chris Coady, Show Me The Body, and Gabriel Millman (original drummer and in-house producer). Dog Whistle was written in Long Island City, Queens and recorded in Los Angeles California in the summer of 2018.

Small Crush w/ Shutups & Zzzahara

Starline Social Club PresentsSMALL CRUSHSHUTUPSZZZAHARALive in the Crystal CavernFriday June 24 2022 – Doors @ 8pm$12 adv // $15 dos18+————-

Serpentfoot w/ CRUZ and New Circle

Starline Social Club PresentsSERPENTFOOTCRUZNEW CIRCLELive in the Crystal CavernSaturday July 15, 2022 – Doors @ 8pm$15 adv // $17 dos18+————- BOY HOWDY FUN & ROWDY STONEY LOUDY SWEATY CROWDY Serpentfoot is a psychedelic garage rock group based in Tacoma; The gritty heart of Washington. From the beginning the rowdy three piece has pumped out everything from jangly surf punk bops to soaring psychedelic compositions. No sound is sacred and no ears are safe. Sonically Serpentfoot bumps shoulders with acts like Osees, Slift, and King Gizzard while simultaneously stirring a dose of occult madness into the brew. The pure electricity and party atmosphere of the live experience is the real centerpiece. Lead guitarist and vocalist Jordan Twiggs gives off an energetic aura of controlled chaos and tickles the ear with relatable, yet refreshingly creative guitar work and a wide range of unique vocal stylings. Bassist and songwriter Philip Shellabarger has an untameable live energy and a similarly unique playing style, merging surf and punk with fuzzed out stoner riffs. Ryan Schilawski smashes away at the drums like an unstoppable train engine. Constant and sustained energy with bursts of mind-bending complexity buries the group solidly into the shadowed realm of heaviness.